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Contact me on 07837111692
The Breastfeeding Doctor Dr. Sharon Silberstein Medical Doctor, IBCLC & Tongue Tie Specialist
The Breastfeeding Doctor   Dr. Sharon Silberstein Medical Doctor, IBCLC & Tongue Tie Specialist 


When breasts are engorged, they are very full of milk, and may feel big, hard, heavy and tender. The swelling usually affects both breasts at the same time, and can stretch the nipples so that they are flat. Some women fel hot or even a bit feverish. It is important to feed baby on demand, the more baby feeds, the quicker the engorgement will subside. The baby should empty one side as much as possible and the other breast should be offered afterwards. If the pain has not improved it is possible to handexpress or use a pump to relieve the breasts. It is important to treat engorgement appropriately because it increases the chances of developing a painful inflammation of the breast.

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