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Contact me on 07837111692
The Breastfeeding Doctor Tongue Tie Divisions and Breastfeeding Counselling Dr. Sharon Silberstein Tel: ‭+44 7421 223577‬
The Breastfeeding Doctor Tongue Tie Divisions and Breastfeeding Counselling       Dr. Sharon Silberstein  Tel: ‭+44 7421 223577‬

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"Sharon has been a real life saver in the past 10 days since my baby has been born. She released her tongue tie the day after her birth and the support and care afterwards have been fantastic. Her caring, calm and understanding energy and nature has really put us as ease. She is always available to answer any questions we have. I'd recommend her any day.''


''We came to Sharon after a personal recommendation, after 3 weeks of difficulty feeding with a previously diagnosed posterior tongue tie. She took a fully history, listened carefully to our concerns and needs. She was very calming and considerate of our feelings too.
We felt very relaxed when Sharon examined our baby and divided her tongue tie. She gave us lots of helpful information on feeding too and help with latching.
Sharon is personable, friendly, professional and very trustworthy.
I would not hesitate to recommend her and have already to two friends in similar positions.
Our baby is now thriving and growing on breast milk only!''


"Sharon helped our baby girl with the frenotomy. She came home, she was very professional and very efficient.  Sharon explained in detail the procedure and she did it very quickly. Everything went seamless. After that I put the baby to the breast and Sharon observed the positioning and gave advice on how to improve it. Few days after the procedure,  the baby's feeding improved tremendously. Sharon checked regularly after the procedure how the feeding is going and how is the baby doing. Sharon was very kind and she helped us even after the procedure,  when both me and my baby developed thrush. She gave us some advice on how to treat it and in few days we were both pain free and feeding well. I found Sharon very knowledgeable,  extremely helpful,  she went extra miles to help us and I am very grateful for her services. I would definitely recommend her to anyone”

"I wanted to say how thankful I am for all your help with the baby. I really appreciate so much that you opened your door to me. You helped me way beyond for someone you didn't even know.


"Sharon Silberstein was so helpful when we had our little girl. She diagnosed a tongue tie that everyone else had missed that allowed us to continue breastfeeding. Thanks to Sharon we are still breastfeeding six months on!"

Gemma G.

"Sharon performed two Tongue Tie releases on my little girl. She was professional, understanding and caring and really put my mind at ease. I especially appreciated the follow up support she provided, regularly checking in on us and answering any questions I had. She made an uncomfortable and rather frightening experience much easier for me. Thanks so much Sharon.


"Sharon, thank you so much for your support during my early breastfeeding days. L. is great and me too, even after a year. Your visits and over the phone support were a great deal of help to me... Thank you!!! I will always cherish you and the most needed help you gave me."

Vered C.

"I met with Sharon before having a second baby and she was very understanding and empathetic, as we discussed my difficulties with breastfeeding my first child. After the dellivery she was by my side every day, sometimes checking on me more then once a day. Sharon is a very professional, dedicated and warm person. She also became a friend."

Simona R.

"Sharon helped me when my baby was only a few days old and struggling to feed properly. She diagnosed posterior tongue tie when all the other medical professionals had missed it and helped to ensure we got the right help. If it wasn't for her, I probably would have given up breastfeeding."

Alicia G.

"Sharon helped me so much when I had my baby, she was the most amazing support, 8 months on and I'm still feeding, totally recommend."

Carly K.

"Sharon is an incredible woman. She literally saved me! 3 days after giving birth I was in lots of pain and a friend recommended Sharon, I immediately called her and the next morning she visited me at home. She advised and taught me many tips and thanks to her I'm still nursing my 9 month old. Highly recommend."

Dorin F.

"Sharon was great finding the time and coming to help when it was most needed with a newborn. She correctly diagnosed a tongue tie with my baby. Sharon was so supportive and patient and sat and helped with getting started with breastfeeding my newborn baby."

Hedi S.

"Sharon was really fabulous with my baby! She correctly diagnosed  him with tongue tie, even before seeing him! She did her best to ensure he was seen at the Royal Free tongue tie clinic as soon as possible!

I would definitely recommend Sharon for her efficient, warm & caring service!."

Sarah C.

"I was finding breastfeeding a bit challenging as my baby had tongue tie. Sharon was very friendly and made me feel at ease as we tried various positions. It was very helpful to learn different positions and Sharon took a genuine interest to follow up to see how i was getting on. Thank you! 

Lauren L.

"We absolutely loved your lesson, we thought it was informative  and positive, we felt safe and secure with you. We saw the depth of your knowledge and we are looking forward to breastfeeding!!."

Participants in the Antenatal Breastfeeding Class

"Sharon supported me through breastfeeding when my baby was underweight and I was under pressure to supplement her feeds with formula.  Sharon was calm, kind and professional.  She gave practical advice, helpful suggestions and offered a listening ear.  Thanks to her support, I was able to breastfeed my baby until she was 16 months old."

Aviva L.

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