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Contact me on 07837111692
The Breastfeeding Doctor Dr. Sharon Silberstein Medical Doctor, IBCLC & Tongue Tie Specialist
The Breastfeeding Doctor   Dr. Sharon Silberstein Medical Doctor, IBCLC & Tongue Tie Specialist 

Lactation Support

I strongly believe every mother should have the chance to breastfeed her baby successfully for as long as she can and wants to. Unfortunately the support given by maternity wards in hopitals is often not sufficient and in todays times we can't rely on the help of our mothers either since the older generation often never breastfed. The importance of breastfeeding because of health benefits for mother and baby was only scienticfically proven in more recent years. 

I would like to assist many more mums, whether it is their first baby or not, to nurse their baby as painfree and stressfree as possible.


During a Lactation Consultation I will:

  • get a full history about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding so I can get a clearer picture.
  • if necessary do an examination of mum's breasts, lypmphnodes and nipples as well as an examination of baby's mouth, tongue and sucking motions.
  • ask to observe a feed in order to be able to see baby's latch and feeding technique.
  • be able to demonstrate a variety of nursing positions and show mum how to latch baby on when trying them out. I will teach mums how to define a good latch.
  • If necessary come up with a treatment plan for issues such thrush, mastitis, blocked ducts, slow weight gain, cracked nipples, low milk supply etc.
  • I can provide private prescriptions for breastfeeding related problems such as anti-fungals, antibiotics and galactogogues such as Domperidone.
  • be available for follow ups in person or over the phone, via whatsapp or text message until mum is comfortable while breastfeeding.
  • I can make a referal to other specialists, such as Pediatricians, Gastroenterologists etc. 





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