Unlock Your Path to IBCLC Certification with

Dr. Silberstein’s Pathway 3 Mentorship Programme

Unlock Your Path to IBCLC Certification with Dr. Silberstein’s Pathway 3 Mentorship ProgrammeAre you passionate about helping breastfeeding mothers/parents and their babies? Do you dream of becoming a certified International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)? If so, Dr. Silberstein Clinic has an exceptional opportunity that could fast-track your journey to certification.

What is Pathway 3?

Pathway 3 is an accelerated route to IBCLC certification, reducing the supervised clinical hours required from 1000 to just 500. At Dr. Silberstein Clinic, we’re proud to offer this unique mentorship programme under the expert guidance of Dr. Sharon Silberstein, MD and IBCLC.

Meet Your Mentor: Dr. Sharon Silberstein

Dr. Sharon Silberstein is the owner and director of Dr. Silberstein Clinic, where she sees between 700-1000 patients annually. Her consultations go beyond the ordinary, encompassing comprehensive oral, breast, and feeding assessments. If needed, Dr. Silberstein can perform Tongue Tie divisions during consultations, offering immediate solutions. With over 5000 successful tongue tie divisions to her name, she’s widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading specialists in lactation consultancy.

Why Choose Us?

  • Rare Opportunity: Pathway 3 training for IBCLCs is scarce in the UK. Dr. Silberstein Clinic is dedicated to improving lactation support across the country by sharing our wealth of knowledge with aspiring professionals.
  • Flexible Schedule: Dr. Silberstein usually works Monday to Friday, offering flexible hours for mentees. You can attend the clinic as often as you like, respecting patient consent.
  • Monthly Seminars: Dr. Silberstein hosts monthly seminars, diving deep into case discussions, relevant topics, and the latest research. These sessions enrich your knowledge and practical skills.

Ready to Begin?

Embarking on your journey towards IBCLC certification has never been more accessible. To learn about the specific requirements and criteria for Pathway 3, simply click here.

Join us at Dr. Silberstein Clinic and let our mentorship programme be your gateway to a fulfilling career as an IBCLC. To inquire further or express your interest, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Your path to certification starts here!


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