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Contact me on 07837111692
The Breastfeeding Doctor Tongue Tie Specialist and Lactation Consultant Dr. Sharon Silberstein MD, IBCLC
The Breastfeeding Doctor Tongue Tie Specialist and Lactation Consultant      Dr. Sharon Silberstein MD, IBCLC


Consultation (Feeding and Tongue Tie Assessment, without procedure) - £180 for the first hour and £30 per 30 minutes after that


Included in the price is:

- assessment of infant feeding (breast or bottle), the function and anatomy of baby’s tongue

- lactation support

- follow up support


Follow up appointments are charged seperatly (see below)


Tongue Tie Division - £230 (1 hour appointment) 


Included in the price is:

- Assessment of infant feeding (breast or bottle), function and anatomy of baby’s tongue,

-Tongue Tie Division Procedure

- Lactation Support before and/or after the procedure
If the Tongue Tie procedure is not carried out, the hour appointment is charged at £180. You will still benefit from the feeding support and I will answer all feeding related questions. 
Follow ups over the phone or via email/text are included.

Follow up appointments at the clinic are charged seperatly. 


Follow up appointments (1 hour)

£120 , if a redivision is necessary there is an additional 30£ charge (£150 total)


Redivisions of Tongue Ties

£150 (this includes lactation support, 1 hour appointment) 


Phone consultations up to 1 hour 



Private Prescription 




I reserve my right to charge the full fee of the appointment in case of non attendance. Cancellations mean that other families who could have had this slot have to wait longer.


If the payment is a problem I am happy to discuss this in confidentiality and we can come up with a payment plan. I will not turn away a client due to inability to pay the full price.



Contact me

Dr. Sharon Silberstein 

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